Building Information Modeling. No more simple 2D lines.

Thanks to the BIM you can model the parameters of the entire project: materials, finishes, costs, installation sequence.

Designing with a BIM approach means you already know what you need,a totally different approach from classic 2D

Anticipate conflicts.

Make the process automatic.
No more corrections to be repeated on countless boards.
BIM means sustainability: less trips, transfers and site visits.

Model projects for every corner of the globe, easily from the comfort of your HQ.

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With the BIM you can:

More BIM means less boards and metric calculations

For a possible reduction in timeframes and unit prices.
Model in a defined space, obtaining a 3D scan on which you will work easier .

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Embrace the BIM philosophy.

Take advantage of our coaching service: space scanning, modelling, conflict detection.

Minimise risks. Avoid surprises.
Avoid times.
Reduce variants.

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